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Unlike other central vacuum systems, the InterVac central vacuums have a unique portability and space saving patented design that allows them to go anywhere dirt goes. Use InterVac in your home, garage, RV and boat or anywhere you want a more convenient cleaning option.  By combining InterVac’s high-powered suction with our high efficiency micron five-layer process, you will experience the latest advancement in vacuum technology. InterVac quickly eliminates dirt and airborne contaminants to provide you with a cleaner, healthier and fresher environment.

One screw through the 'dust chamber' into the wall
and your Central Vacuum System is ready for use...
*Central Vacuum Systems have been clinically proven to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms:
Eye Symptoms...            Sleep Symptoms...          Nasal Symptoms...
61% improvement          44% improvement           47% improvement
No wrist fatigue either.
Not having to carry a cumbersome and often heavy portable vacuum cleaner means
a safer environment with less risk of injury to the user and the family and no damage to
furniture and fittings. No high voltage power cords to stretch, recoil, damage or trip
over,  means no risk of electric shock or fire. NO lugging of a portable up and down stairs.
Above Floor Cleaning
Central Vacuum Systems are designed for whole area coverage – including Ceilings,
Walls,  Hard Floors, Carpeted Floors, Furniture, Furnishings and Fixtures and Patios.




You'll never have to worry about quality with InterVac and we guarantee it for 6 years!  Each InterVac is Made in America and is tested before it leaves the factory.

Made in the USA




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InterVac' Central Vacuum Systems are constructed from high-tech Poly-Carbonate.

Why a Central Vacuum System
Don't settle for less than the luxury, power & convenience of a Central Vac.
InterVac Central Vacuum Systems
Warranty Period:  6 Years
Replacement Accessories Cost
Standard Accessories include:
Crevice Tool:  from $6.95 to $16.60*
Upholstery Tool:  from $6.95 to $14.95
Dust Brush: from $6.50 to $16.60*
Dusting Tool Kit (Three above combined):  from $19.95
Telescopic Chrome Wand:  from $14.50 to $32.95
* Combination Dust and Upholstery Tool
Quick Specs
  • 243mm wide x 493mm high x 100mm deep.
  • 1.5meter long electric cord attached
  • 419 Air Watts, 2556mm H20 Sealed Vacuum, 3210 l/m Airflow, 498km/hr Air Speed.
  • 230 -240volt, 6amps, 900w - 1400w Max. Watts (peak)
  • 6 Year Warranty (conditional).

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